Diet and Exercise as a Numbers Game

ired of “going it alone”?

Not surprising.  Diet and exercise can be lonely, very, very, lonely tasks.

Self-discipline sounds and feels more like some medieval torture.

My suggestion: “Stop “going it alone”. Find a buddy—better yet a number of buddies.

Sixty per cent of the world’s population are faced with the same, at least very similar, challenges as you.

That means that AT LEAST 6 of every 10 people in your immediate circle would almost certainly welcome a boost (translates loosely to a “kick in the pants”) to help them achieve their own goals.

Recent New Year’s resolutions are still fresh enough in people’s minds to stir up some reactions….(guilt alone can be a great motivator). Ask me how I know.

Tell everyone you know about your determination to, this time, really live up to your own resolutions. The “hows and whys” can come later in the dialogue.

Share with these potential “health buddies” the fact that you are concerned, because you are starting to find it easier and easier to “skip a day”.

The “hectic schedule” excuses, coupled with the fact that there are just so many daily “calorie temptations”, have you a bit worried.  And no matter how true you are being to your diet and exercise routine, at this point  it’s really important to truly look and sound as worried as you can.

Most people will welcome the opportunity to “help”; especially the people who truly care about you. (One unexpected benefit of using this method is that you will find out in a hurry who your true friends are.) Forget the “nay-sayers” and move along.

Don’t be surprised if and when a number of your friends offer to help you by joining you at the table and at the gym, or the walk around the block or the aerobics in front of the TV…..whatever path you choose to follow.

Talk about a win-win situation. You started out by asking for help; and may well end up being “just what the doctor ordered” for an entire group of soon-to-be healthy friends and family.

As much as I would like to take all the credit, I do have to admit that the true inspiration for our own commitment, as well as for the team building concept came from none other than the best selling author, Tom Venuto. His newest book, THE BODY FAT SOLUTION, just hit the shelves. It’s the icing on the cake for his online program, BURN THE FAT….FEED THE MUSCLE.

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