Lose 15 Pounds Fast – Five Easy Strategies For Instant Results


Many of us need to lose 15 pounds fast. A hectic lifestyle and stress often leads us to reach for convenience and comfort foods that contain a high level of fat. Many of us do not find time to exercise. After a few years, we find ourselves being overweight by 15 pounds or more.

We feel lethargic and develop abdominal fat, putting ourselves at the risk of developing potentially life-threatening type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Losing 15 pounds fast, plus trimming abdominal fat, may be just what we need to do to save our own lives.

It is possible to lose 15 pounds within 21 days.

Below are five Easy Strategies To Lose 15 Pounds Fast:

  1. Refrain from eating processed food containing white flour and white sugar. Swap your intake of hamburgers, Cokes and Sprites, for healthier choices such as grilled chicken sandwiches made from wholemeal bread, water and freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.
  2. Substitute whole cream dairy products with low fat ones. Substitute ice cream with frozen yogurt.
  3. Eat dinner before 7 p.m. so that your body has a chance to digest the meal and burn some calories before bedtime.
  4. Make time for exercise. Taking a thirty-minute walk after dinner every day for a year will help you lose 17 pounds without any diet or other lifestyle changes.
  5. Eat whole carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole meal bread. Eating high fiber foods especially at breakfast could lead us to eat 20{8b86a6a9f436c715708b91e73aa06434ecc029acfa872b8b5bba67703ad52bfb} fewer calories for the rest of the day.

If you follow these five steps, depending on the extent of the changes you make and your genetic makeup, you should be able to lose 15 pounds fast, well within one to two months.

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