How to Lose Fat in 3 Simple Steps



Ever felt frustrated when one diet after another fails to produce the results you desire? Want to lose fat but unable to keep up a constant exercise regime? These are common problems that people everywhere face everyday. However, the secret to lose fat is not in going on one diet after another, or restricting your food intake. Going hungry is not a necessity in losing weight. Learn how to lose fat now, in these 3 simple steps that you will find easy and possible to stick to.

Step #1: Count your Calories

Yes. It is as simple as that! The key to losing all that fat is in counting the amount of calories that you are consuming everyday. Keep a notebook to jot down what you are eating and how many calories it is. You start off by calculating the current amount of calories that you should consume. This can be calculated by taking your body weight (measured in pounds) and multiplying it by 16kcal. Discipline yourself to plan your diet within the calorie count that you have just determined. You can snack, or indulge in the occasional ice cream, so long as your daily calorie count is not exceeded.

After one week, reduce the amount of calories intake by 500 kcal. Monitor your weight every week, and if you lose fat, keep your calorie intake at the same level. Once you stop losing weight at the same calorie count, reduce it by 500kcal and repeat the process.

Step #2: SMART goals

Keep yourself motivated to stick to your calorie count, your daily diet or your exercise plan. Remember that your calorie count method is helping you to lose fat, and the focus of setting SMART goals is not to lose weight, but to keep you on track without losing sight of the end picture. Make sure that the goals you set for yourself are SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

It is not possible to lose weight drastically within a month, so make sure you take constant measures so you can see your progress. Weigh yourself once a week, instead of every day. Take pictures of yourself once a month, wearing the same outfit, so that you can see a noticeable difference. Visit your doctor to check that your health is improving. These are all SMART goals that will help to keep you moving towards your objective.

Step #3: A Healthy Diet

Carbohydrates are converted into fats when you consume more than your body needs. By lowering your carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of fats instead, your body will start to burn fats. Ensure that you are getting the nutrients that you need, including proteins, macronutritients, carbohydrates, water and healthy fats. Cut out the junk food!

The secret to lose fat has never been so simple. Say goodbye to years of struggling with abstaining from your favorite foods, or guilty gym memberships that remain under utilized in your wallet. All you need is these 3 simple steps to help you lose fat.

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