Permanent weight loss – calorie crunch

There is no need to become a fanatical calorie counter, but you have to know how many calories you consume every day. Why is this so important? You need to have some basic calorie information so that, in your enthusiasm to lose weight, you don’t trigger the ‘famine factor’.

There’s a very simple, but obvious rule, which surprisingly few people understand:

To lose weight you have to burn up more calories than you take in.

The greater the difference between the two, the faster the weight loss. You will achieve this by changing your eating habits, taking the right amount of exercise, and adopting new habits – slim habits.

Being more aware of the calorie values of your food means you’ll be able to take informed decisions about what you should be eating. For instance, when you discover that a slice of chocolate fudge cake contains 420 calories and you would have to run for over half an hour to get rid of those calories, it should make you think. You should eliminate your unnecessary calorie intake and identify which foods you were eating too much of. Now is the time to increase your awareness of calories, not only how many you consume, but how many you are able to burn by increasing your activity levels.

Exercise is an essential component of any worthwhile weight loss program and certainly crucial if you are going to try and lose weight permanently. Permanent weight loss is very much a case of increasing your awareness of what you eat and how much you exercise. Get yourself a good weight loss plan and stick to it it’s one of the simplest and most useful weight loss tips you’ll ever get!

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