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Diet and Exercise as a Numbers Game

ired of “going it alone”? Not surprising.  Diet and exercise can be lonely, very, very, lonely tasks. Self-discipline sounds and feels more like some medieval torture. My suggestion: “Stop “going it alone”. Find a buddy—better yet a number of buddies. Sixty per cent of the world’s population are faced with the same, at least very […]

How to Lose Fat in 3 Simple Steps

// _____________________________________________________________ Ever felt frustrated when one diet after another fails to produce the results you desire? Want to lose fat but unable to keep up a constant exercise regime? These are common problems that people everywhere face everyday. However, the secret to lose fat is not in going on one diet after another, or […]

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – a Review

In his bestselling book Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto, a top personal trainer and well respected fat loss expert. has not just put out yet another weight loss book into a market that is already inundated with the latest fad diet and weight loss books. Burn The Fat, Feed The […]