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Myths and Facts About Losing Weight Fast

One of the major advantages of using nutritional supplements in the process of losing weight, is that they improve your body’s metabolic rate. The other thing you should consider is a powerful anti-oxidant, since some of the reason why our bodies store fat is, that it’s the safest place to keep toxins – the fat […]

Losing Weight: Low-fat Foods Won’t Help

If you want to lose weight, forget eating a low-fat diet.  Low-fat foods, which achieve billions of dollars of sales every year, will help you lose some weight – but it’s nothing compared to other diets, a major new study has discovered. The Atkins low-carb diet is the most effective way to lose weight, and […]

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Lose Weight

_____________________________________________________________ There are many fast and easy ways to lose weight. Here 9 sure ways to lose weight: 1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about your diet. The route to success is not without temptation along the way. There are many goodies that will lead you astray: cream cakes, donuts, fast foods and so on. You […]