The elevated cholesterol level risks of being overweight

A lot of people understand that becoming overweight can be harmful. Many of us have received information about how overweight adversely affects health. Most of the data given regarding obesity usually centers on the dangers to internal organs. And when we speak about internal bodily functions, on the list of major risks in being overweight is the development of high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a main component of lipids, or fat, found within the blood. It is transported by proteins, one type of which are called LDL, or low-density lipoproteins. Low-density lipoproteins are commonly known as bad cholesterol due to its correlation with blood vessel disorders. The more bad cholesterol you have in your blood, the more you at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, such as cardiac illnesses and cerebrovascular accident.

You may have gotten bad cholesterol from your parents; however, eating the wrong kinds of food is the more probable cause for getting the disorder. Those who consume foods which are high in saturated fat tend to have more bad cholesterol compared to those who eat a modest quantity of saturated fats. Despite the fact that having excess weight does not automatically mean you get it from fatty foods, after a while continuous consumption of these foods will result to weight gain. And it doesn’t matter if the cause of weight gain is from fatty foods or not, those who are fat usually have more bad cholesterol than their slimmer counterparts.

Those who are overweight normally do not have sufficient high-density lipoproteins (HDL), commonly known as good cholesterol, and their triglycerides are usually plenty. Their LDL (bad) cholesterol may be too high as well. In addition, being overweight raises the chances of getting hypertension and diabetes, which are both linked with cardiac problems.

Those who are overweight are recommended to receive cholesterol screening, which includes following dietary guidelines, increasing physical activity and the use of cholesterol busting medication.

Weight loss if you are fat can reduce bad cholesterol levels and is particularly vital to those who have high levels of triglycerides, low levels of good cholesterol, and those whose waist measurements are bigger than 40 inches for males and bigger than 35 inches for females.

Pursue weight loss if necessary. Losing just 5 lbs to 10 lbs (2.3 kg to 4.5 kg) can lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. Losing weight can also help lower your blood pressure.

Regular physical activity is recommended for everyone. It can increase good cholesterol, decrease bad cholesterol, and is particularly vital to people who have elevated triglyceride levels and depleted good cholesterol levels.

Body mass is controlled by what you eat and your way of life. Being too fat might possibly contribute to heart and blood circulation problems when your body mass index is more than what is normal; 32{8b86a6a9f436c715708b91e73aa06434ecc029acfa872b8b5bba67703ad52bfb} for females and 25{8b86a6a9f436c715708b91e73aa06434ecc029acfa872b8b5bba67703ad52bfb} for males.

Increasing your body weight with lean muscle mass through body building and bulking up with protein may not cause a cholesterol problem, provided that those proteins are lean.

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  1. High cholesterol symptoms in women are usually noticed in women older than 55 years while high cholesterol symptoms in men are commonly observed in men younger than 55 years. In general, aging increases the risk of high cholesterol. Obesity, lack of physical activity, eating excessive junk food, family history, excessive stress, alcohol abuse, increase the risk of high cholesterol. If you notice any symptoms of high cholesterol, you need to check the cholesterol levels by performing a simple blood test. Certain lifestyle changes and dietary changes such as including more HDL cholesterol foods in your diet can help lower cholesterol levels. .

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